About Us

It is said that “necessity is the mother of invention,” and as the mother of three I quickly realized that we had some challenges to overcome. Between pet allergies, food allergies and eczema, I was placed in a position where I could not purchase the over-the-counter essentials that were readily available. Needless to say, I had to find a better solution. My family has a rich history of cultivating natural products, and with their support, I became a fourth generation soap artisan. The formulas that resulted from these experiences relieved their symptoms without having to resort to steroids and other chemicals, and 20 years later they are still my favorites. The moral of the story - You are what your expose your skin to.

This is where Free Range Skincare comes in. My all-natural soaps, lotions and creams are made with pure, sustainable products including free range egg. We all know how much better a farm fresh egg tastes over the grocery store egg. But did you know these same differences improve the health of your skin? The egg is what sets us apart. I live in Ohio where I raise a flock of chickens in a free range environment. From this healthy lifestyle, my girls provide eggs with significantly more health benefits than the factory farmed variety including increased Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Lutein. I find it very interesting that when these vitamins and proteins are taken as a supplement, the body only absorbs 10% of the nutrients. But when applied topically (through products such as mine), the body can absorb up to 60% of these nutrients. Imagine having the benefits of kale without having to eat it!

As we grow our goal is to establish a rescue designed to rehabilitate battery hens. Once healthy, their eggs will be used in my products. By supporting Free Range Skincare you will be helping your skin, protecting the environment and promoting the humane treatment of hens nationwide. So Put a Little Egg on your Face! Have fun and feel good with Free Range Skincare.