Application Of A Pediculicide Is The Treatment Of Choice For Scabies. True False

Scabies is a virulent skin disease caused by mites which are parasites. These mites can cause problems for the home and the person that carries them. If not treated, scabies could cause serious health issues. Scabies is a condition that people don’t wish to have to deal with. However there are ways that to get rid of it.

Scabies is an illness that requires treatment by an experienced doctor. The medication that treats scabies may only be acquired with an appointment with a doctor. Anyone who has come in contact with someone suffering from scabies must seek treatment immediately.

Even people who don’t suffer from scabies might benefit from a diagnosis and treatment. There are a myriad of things doctors can prescribe to help someone to get rid of scabies. Treatment for scabies is available at home or through prescription medications.

Your doctor is the first step to getting rid of scabies. The doctor will be able to identify the condition and provide a treatment plan for you. The doctor may recommend an over the counter medication or he or she may prescribe one for you. It is all dependent on how serious your condition is. You may have to make an appointment with your physician if you have not been able tell your doctor the extent of your scabies issue.

After your doctor has provided you a diagnosis, he/she will determine the severity of your scabies. If it is more of mild case, you may only need a prescription medication or an over-the-counter treatment product. These products will usually contain the same ingredients that your dermatologist will use to treat scabies. It is easy to find out what these ingredients are and follow the directions.

Your doctor might suggest the use of a more aggressive treatment if your scabies is severe. These treatments may include the use of a topical cream or lotion to kill the scabies mites which have burrowed into your skin. Scabies can also be treated with the use of a lotion or cream that contains permethrin.

You should not use an over-the-counter creme to treat scabies. Although they won’t kill the mites, the ingredients used to treat scabies will prevent them from forming new colonies. Although the cream or lotion will stop new scabies mites from growing, it will not kill the ones that are already inside you. This means that you could be suffering from this irritant skin condition for several months or even years before you can see any changes.

Scabies are a difficult condition to treat. You can use products that are available on the market, such as lotions and creams, however they will not tackle the cause of the problem, which is the scabies mites that are digging into your skin. If you’re trying to eliminate your scabies without using chemicals then you should concentrate your treatment efforts on preventing the emergence of scabies in the first place. This can be achieved by taking extra care to ensure your skin is healthy, reducing the number people who come in contact with you, as well as getting rid of secondary infections caused by scratching.